Thats the first word that comes into my mind whenever I think about Kenyan Politics… <EMBRYO> . Dont know why of all the names I can come up with this pretty sums up all my thoughts.

Petty politics, You did-I can better kind of ideologies from our political fronts. Sadly ive listened to CS Rotich expounding on the EUROBOND saga and I had to change the channel to avoid a mental breakdown, the CS if I may quote his words “could’not give account of the various projects the EUROBOND CASH was funding”.

More sickenning is a President who 3 years down the line still thinks loooking cool and enticing the crowd , with all due respect MR. PRESIDENT youre on your third year of your Five year term (basically 4 years and 1 campaign year). We need to hear your voice on matters affecting your country: security wise, judicial corruption …

As much as many would arque that he has served this country dilligently and fought for democracy, theres one thing we all agree on, RAILA ODINGA shapes KENYAN POLITICS and any utterances either retaliatory,unsubstanciated, malicicious ,or ‘Whistlebrow’ will for sure make it for the prime news. We must credit the former Prime MINISTER for his role as the leader of opposition, a part he has played quite well. He has kept the government on its toes and become a voice of the people .

As the General Elections approach, we can all hope to learn to think beyond our tribal coccoons and respect each others political stand, the pettiness on the FACEBOOK COMMENTS on local media houses posts shows we still have a long way to go in terms of curbing tribalism and hate based on ones political stance.



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