Black is associated with Power, Mystery, Strength, Elegance, Formality, Aggression and Sophistication, I guess thats why I chose the colour for my phone. True definition of my character.

The First thing that hits you when you turn on my phone (a device I cannot do without not even in an hour) is the Screen Lock , Thats part of me and represents my Personality – Very private and Confidential with my personal info like sms & Personal notes.
On my applications list is a set of icons of social media tools that I personally can’t go a day without logging in; instagram, Twitter, Facebook and one rare app, tetris game (I’m a bit old school and this game reminds me of the good old brick game days) .
I’m a very active person on Social Media and always catch up with the current events,trends and discusssions on this platform.

On my Notes App you’ll find a list of “to do” stuff and a reminder of movies or series I should purchase (Mostly from the hype online and I end up buying not to feel left out) .
My urge for perfection and to be always right leaves me noting down anything important and worth remembering, may it be a quote,bible verse you name it i’ll note it down for future reference.

MY MUSIC : Wow, my favourite feature on my phone that clearly i Control 100%, My playlist.Ever been stuck in traffic but your favourite music is playing, all your favourite to make it better.A collection of the 90s and some bit of pop,Rhumba that is music that is food to my soul.

MY GALLERY a collection of funny memes and day to day scenery of everything and anything that comes my way.Iam not the photocraze / selfie person and you’re lucky to bump into two or three of my pics in my gallery.

And thats what makes my phone special and dear to me, its a clear reflection of my thoughts and everything I like wrapped up in my handset.
Its true, Get your hands on my phone and it says alot about the person Iam.

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….. I remember that night I gave her my number we texted each other the the whole night and yes I lied to her about my age. I was twenty by then but twenty two was good for me, at least that’s what I made her believe.

Ever had a hand job.. I mean BJ read a text message from Moni, “NO”, I replied.”Well today i will give you one” she reverted.

We shared the same kitchen in that College hostels as well as the TV room.Moni fetched my supper and we both shared the last supper-no pun intended, and came the big news, I am spending the night here (the boys hostels).

I was a bit surprised at how things were going fast, i mean i heard of people who dated for close to 2years without getting the cookie and here I am two days of knowing this lady and BOOM… Am about to hit it.

At around 10:30 a.m me and Moni were left in the TV room waiting for everyone to fall asleep so I can get a chance to sneak my lover into my hostel bed.

My first kiss and probably the most romantic I’ll ever have happened that night, we kissed, romanced and things got out of hand, I ran my warm moist tongue around her hard nipples.


At around Midnight, we left for my bed, everyone in that room was dead asleep, I switched off the lights and Moni went straight to my bed. I was amazed at how fast she had undressed leaving her well toned naked body at the glare of my eyes.

I took of my pants and my first coitus happened, It was magical. For a guy who was doing it for the first time I faired pretty well judging from her heavy breathing and moans as I went harder pumping in and out of her wet vagina.

Watch out for COLLEGE ESCAPADE [III]….



By:Allan Thairo
My college life was fun, fucked up a lot of lessons learnt and oh yeah I graduated *sigh*.
That life made me the person I am today.Imagine barely two months old in your new school and the most beautiful gorgeous girl just pops out of nowhere and BOOM you’re in love.

This is me

My first day there was kind of weird and awkward, we had to share a room with four other guys-much older than I am. And the hostels was a rented building, that meant both the ladies and gents hostels were just a staircase away.Exciting right.My first night here and my bedmate had invited his girlfriend for a sleep over and what happened that night, enough to make that girl scream her lungs out the whole night…If only I could have just ignored her moans, but she made sure I heard of every bit of it.


Two months into my studies and came this girl, she enrolled for a beauty course and oh my she was sexy AF.. Okay enough with the cursing. Moni that was her name, she had every guy’s head turning. Not me though the virgin new guy, I mean what did I know about girls.

“I love that song” sweet voice whispered as I was busy doing my laundry and when I finally raised my head to see who it was… Moni stood there.
I’m into you by Lil Wayne and Jlo was playing. I reverted by telling her that it’s one of my favorite jams.

Later that night she took my phone and saved her number and late night sexting…..

Keep it here for :



By : Allan Thairo
If there is one thing people fault at in their work place or a home, is the right attitude towards criticism. Many take it negatively while others take it positively and use it as a stepping stone to change.

My laid back, not so talkative personality has many confuse my quietness with pride, contrary to my humble being which my Mom, close friends and colleagues can atest to.

On my Curiosity on people’s perception on behavior change I came across some very interesting notes :

1.Live to learn- look at the choices you have made in your past, observe, learn, change and improve on them.

2.Don’t always scrape and search for Compliments, Criticism is what builds character and strength.

3.Decide on what you must change in your behavior to align with your life, career and goals.

4.Character is the sum total of all our everyday choices.



The biggest sporting event is here the World Cup,before the start of this event i have compiled some minor issues that need to be addressed with my better half.


1. From June 12th-July 13th the T.V is mine at all times.

2. Walking in front of the Tv at anytime during a match is strictly forbidden.

3. The replays of the goals are very important, i don’t care if I’ve seen them already,I want to see them again.

4. All love and affection must wait until half time or,when the games have finished.

5. Do not ask what an offside rule is.

6. Hazard is cute,I know.Keep it to yourself.

7. Visits by relatives/friends,groupies on a match day should be discussed three days before and proper alternatives attained.

8. Before the start of a game,there’s a Line-up... don’t ask the name of players while am watching the game.

9. If you are supporting my rival team,shouting or mimicking is prohibited.

10. I should be well served;food,drinks before and after the game.

            Please comply.



The friendzone merely refers to a relationship where in one person wishes to enter into a romantic or sexual relationship while the other doesn’t.You’re in love but he/she thinks of you as more of a brother than anything else.

How to avoid the friendzone;
1.Admit you’re in the friendzone. Accept the fact that your friendship will not lead into anything more than a brotherly/sisterly affection.
2.Confess your feelings to that person.
Tell that person how you feel about them,getting their response will help you build your next course of action, to take the relationship to another level or simply move on.
3.Change your attitude.
Are you Sexy? Didn’t think so and your friend doesn’t either.You know what’s missing, a change in your attitude.Sometimes a slight attitude adjustment can completely change the way your friend sees you…. and that’s exactly what you want.