Black is associated with Power, Mystery, Strength, Elegance, Formality, Aggression and Sophistication, I guess thats why I chose the colour for my phone. True definition of my character.

The First thing that hits you when you turn on my phone (a device I cannot do without not even in an hour) is the Screen Lock , Thats part of me and represents my Personality – Very private and Confidential with my personal info like sms & Personal notes.
On my applications list is a set of icons of social media tools that I personally can’t go a day without logging in; instagram, Twitter, Facebook and one rare app, tetris game (I’m a bit old school and this game reminds me of the good old brick game days) .
I’m a very active person on Social Media and always catch up with the current events,trends and discusssions on this platform.

On my Notes App you’ll find a list of “to do” stuff and a reminder of movies or series I should purchase (Mostly from the hype online and I end up buying not to feel left out) .
My urge for perfection and to be always right leaves me noting down anything important and worth remembering, may it be a quote,bible verse you name it i’ll note it down for future reference.

MY MUSIC : Wow, my favourite feature on my phone that clearly i Control 100%, My playlist.Ever been stuck in traffic but your favourite music is playing, all your favourite to make it better.A collection of the 90s and some bit of pop,Rhumba that is music that is food to my soul.

MY GALLERY a collection of funny memes and day to day scenery of everything and anything that comes my way.Iam not the photocraze / selfie person and you’re lucky to bump into two or three of my pics in my gallery.

And thats what makes my phone special and dear to me, its a clear reflection of my thoughts and everything I like wrapped up in my handset.
Its true, Get your hands on my phone and it says alot about the person Iam.

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